[SOLVED] Can't drag to select multiple midi notes

I’m double tapping a section to open up the piano roll/note editor, but since the update I can no longer select multiple notes by dragging a box. Instead, the select button is lit up as soon as I open the note editor but the only way I can select multiple notes at once is by tapping them individually. Very frustrating! :angry:
Can anyone help please?? It’s really slowing me down…

Hi Calonico,

The MIDI editor has been drastically improved with the release of Cubasis 2.1.
Don’t worry it is still possible to select multiple notes…

Please have a look at our available Cubasis 2.1 tutorial (at around 3:48 min) to get familiar with all MIDI editor improvements and how to use them easily:



Thank you so much! Very helpful video, I’m sorry I’m a bit of a noob at this stuff :confused:
Problem solved!

Thanks for the immediate reply.
Glad to hear all works as expected…