[SOLVED] Can't Find How To Set Up My MIDI Keyboard Device

Under “Edit” I see “Device Setup,” and I see my Steinberg UR22 USB audio interface, but I see no way to add my MIDI keyboard. I’ve looked in the help file and can’t find anything on it. Of course, it’s always possible I’ve missed something.

Dorico just listens to all connected MIDI input devices, so there’s nothing to set up (we will eventually make it possible to choose which device you want Dorico to listen to). Just plug in your keyboard, then start Dorico (you have to start Dorico after plugging in the keyboard), and away you go.


My keyboard is plugged in, Dorico is started. Keyboard normally works fine in Cubase. I’ll check my system for any problems there. Thanks Daniel. You must be EXHAUSTED!

So sorry I didn’t do a computer restart before asking this. That solved the problem. Hang in there, Daniel!