SOLVED: Can't Get Access To C7.5

I’d love to try it, but when I try to log-in, it says ‘Login Failed’ over & over again - using the same credentials as I always log-in with.

When I try ‘forgot password’, it says email not recognized in the system or something like that.

I’m assuming that this is from servers that are probably jammed up right now, but if someone has a work around, I’m all ears - [actually all eyes].

Edited For Solution Below:

Turns out that I hadn’t actually bought anything from the Steinberg On-line Shop as of yet. My one & only purchase was a physical box of Cubase 6.5.

So I could try to log-in until the cows come home - all for nothing using my ‘Forum’ & ‘My Steinberg’ names & passwords, as stated in the first line of this post, which, of course would have never worked. :unamused:

No, I’m not having a blonde moment, but I do see them walk by occasionally. :laughing:

Anyway, it’s all good. Downloading now as we speak - [or type].

Hope this helps others.