SOLVED - Can't install 1.2.1 Update

Sorry. I get this message:
“This App can’t run on your PC. If you want a version for your PC, then ask the software-developer.”
Before that there was a window saying “cant use Microsoft smart window” or something like that.
(I have Windows 10. Lots of programs. Dorico runs without problem. No problem with install other new programs. My only problem is that I cannot update windows 10)
Yours Arne Dich
Dorico fejl.jpg

Hi Arne, what did you do when that Windows Smart Screen message came up, did you tell it to “Run Anyway”?

Short answer. YES.
Thanks for your interest.

What if you follow the instructions of Option 3 or Option 4 from this website:
Does that help?

I have tried option 3 and 4. Doesn’t work.
I have stopped Zone-Alarm Anti-ransomware at the same time.
No New Dorico. Same bad message as before.
By the way. I have never before seen anything to SmartScreen. Didn’t know it existed.

Under win10 you must run the *.exe as “run as Administrator”.

Hey. That works. Must restart in a minute.
It’s the first time I have to install as administrator.
Thank you very much.

After Restart, New Dorico Pops Up. Happy End.