[SOLVED] Can't monitor instrument audio while recording MIDI

I’m grateful to have Cubasis since I travel so much - great work, Steinberg!

problem- I can’t hear the audio from a MIDI instrument while I’m recording MIDI notes using Cubasis on-screen keyboard. Only thing else playing are audio tracks. CPU meter very low - not bugging out at all, although there sometimes are a few crackles when all audio tracks play, un-muted.

How to monitor audio from MiDI track with chosen instrument while recording its MIDI notes? notes also do not seem to play until one length of loop is recorded, if loop mode is on. Even then, not all the notes in MiDI clip play. Most get choked off.

Was using MiDI track with built-in E-Piano.
Thanks in advance!

Solved!!! - went into Polyphony and upped from 16 to 32. Did not realize that Polyphony in Cubasis-speak also included number of audio tracks playing at same time. Had about 14 going. :wink:

No issues here on an iPad Air 1, iOS 8.3. Using the headphone jack.
Does your screen look something like this?

Did not see your solution before I posted. Glad you got sorted.