[SOLVED] Can't register Cubasis on 2nd iPad

And therefore can’t get RoomWorks SE. I downloaded Cubasis 2 a couple weeks ago on my secondary iPad, registered the product etc. Now I’ve downloaded Cubasis 2 on my primary iPad and something’s preventing me from registering (reactivating?). Please tell me how to solve this – I’s really like to be able to use RoomWorks SE.

perhaps you are using old version. You can switch to new one. There are many companies in USA who are giving these devices on rental basis. Laptop Rental Illinois

Hi Ars nova,

Thanks for your message.

We’re sorry that you’re unable to unlock RoomWorks SE due to an iOS problem.
Please note that the next Cubasis update is planned to be released very soon, including a solution to the issue!


Thanks for the response Lars.

Would it do any good to uninstall Cubasis 2 from the other iPad and then register the primary one again? Just curious.

Also, how soon is “very soon” (as far as the update)? Like next week? Early next year? Just looking for a ballpark :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Hi Lars! Hope you’re well :slight_smile:

I am also interested in knowing how soon is it :-p
Could you give us some hints?

As always, thank you for your great support at this forum!

Hi all,

The update will be released very soon and will address the issue.


Hi all,

Please note that the latest Cubasis update, version 2.3 is available.
This update also addresses the Room Works SE registration issue.