[Solved] Can't see my entire tracks (over 1h31 minutes long)

I’m working with very long tracks in one project, and the Project page won’t let me see them in their entirety.

I have three tracks, identical in length 1:31:01.522, and I’ve marked a loop for them in the transport ( - 2731.41.50 @ 120 BPM).

  • If I zoom out to max, I can’t see the end points. The scroll slider at the bottom disappears.
    If I click the endpoint in the transport, Auto-scroll doesn’t take me there. But if I shuttle back a bit and play, the loop works.
    The marker and Project display seems to stop around 2700 bars.
    Shift-F doesn’t reveal anything more.

This ain’t no pop song! Thanks for any help.

Solution: So I had to set the maximum number of bars higher in the Project Setup! Doh! :blush:

I’m leaving this here as an FYI… Fredo, if you want to delete, go ahead…

LOL I was about to post that because it has happened to me before! :sunglasses: