{SOLVED} Can't see start and end points of MIDI Part in Key Editor

Hi All!

I seem to have accidentally pressed some button which has changed the way I view my MIDI events/ parts in the key editor. Earlier when I double clicked a MIDI event in the project view, it would open the key editor with the event start and end points clearly defined.

Now, I cannot see those start and end points for the events. This causes problems for midi editing… specifically for the note lengths that shouldn’t exceed the end the event/ part.

To illustrate I have attached 2 photos… one is of the project view… I wish to edit the MIDI event from bars 9 to 13.

The second is of key editor view… when I double click the aforementioned event this is what pops up. As you can see there are no start and end indicators for the MIDI Event/ Part.

Any help would be much appreciated… this is very inconvenient.



On your 1st screenshot, you can see Piano text in the toolbar menu. Two icons left, there is a button with two flags. Click on this to enable to show the borders.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Sir Martin! :slight_smile: