[Solved]CB 8.5.2 + Win 10 + UVIWorkstation problem

Using UVIWorkstation as a VST (x64) plugin, whenever I move the mouse over the volume control (upper right region of the VST window) the window goes blank.

UVIWordstation x64 DLL installed at:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 8.5\VSTPlugins\UVIWorkstationVST.dll

I’ve got x64 DLL’s of EZ Drummer, Superior Drummer and Trilian installed in the same directory and they all seem to be working properly.

Standalone mode of UVIWorkstation works properly

Maybe someone could reproduce this behaviour?
Any ideas?

I can’t reproduce this problem (UVI 2.6.7 + Ravenscroft too). It is working fine here (I have Ezdrummer 1 and 2 installed)

Thanks for the that Makumbaria. I might try reinstalling UVI … … …

Ok, just realized I had originally installed 32 bit version (instead of x64) - doh!
All good now, problem fixed.