[Solved] Change Player Channel On A Staff Mid Score

On my Violin staff I would like to change the patch/channel for 8 bars in the middle of the score then change back to the original. I’m using the ARIA Player but I imagine that if this can be done then this would work for the default HALion Player too.

I know that I could just add another staff/player and send this to another slot on the ARIA/HALion Players and move the 8 bars to that. I thought I would check if this is possible without adding another staff and use the original staff.


In Play mode you can specify different channels for different voices on a staff. Use a different voice for those 8 bars, and assign it a different playback sound. If the music is already input, then you can select those bars and use Edit/Voices/Change Voice to make the change.

Thanks Fred. That did the job perfectly. :smiley: