[Solved] Change plugin name but load old sessions?

It appears that Cubase uses the “_name” field of the PClassInfo2 constructor to identify and load a plug-in from a session, rather than its TUID ("_cid").

We want to change the name of our plug-in, but have it replace the old plug-in when loading a session. I tried keeping the TUID the same, and only changing the name, but it fails to find the plug-in then.

If I keep the old name, then it shows up as expected, but the name is no longer correct in the Inserts menu. We need it to show the new name in any user interface elements (such as the Inserts list), but replace the old version completely (which has been removed by our installer).

How can we do that? We really can’t have the old name for the new version.


Hi Howard,
I just checked it in Cubase 9.0.20 by renaming again from the SDK and cubase successfully loaded the renamed again in a saved project.
In which Cubase version are you seeing this ?


I believe I was using the latest Cubase 9.5 version. I will check with other versions that I have when I get back to the office on Monday, though. All I am changing is the name that is passed to the PClassInfo2 constructor, and it fails to load the session unless it has the same name in that field as the older version that it was saved with.

Ok, it’s working even in 9.5 now. I don’t know why it failed originally, but all I did was change the name passed back to the new name, and it worked fine! No idea why it failed previously. Perhaps some kind of caching issue that went away after a reboot? In my original test, I had saved using our old plug-in, removed it, put in the new plug-in, and tried to load, and it failed. I had changed that name to the old name, and that worked, so I assumed the problem was that name. But perhaps it was just because I had replaced the plug-in after running it once, and Cubase had cached it or its information somehow. Anyway, after a reboot, it loads the new plug-in with the new name with no problems.