SOLVED: Changing instrument name

In the “Edit Instrument Names” dialog, the name of the instrument in the “Editing Instrument” field is grayed out. How do I change it?

It’s been a while since I used Dorico, but it appears that I previously changed the name of “Piano” to “Piano comp” for a project I was working on. I guess I saved it as a default inadvertently, so now when I go to the instrument list to add piano to a chart, it says “Piano comp”.

How can I change it back to “Piano”?

(This is not about “Full name” and “Short name” - those are fine.)


Just edit the full name to what you want, and in the bottom left corner, check the box to make that the new default.

Or in the bottom right, click the box that says “Reset to Default.”

reset name.png

I tried both, and neither worked.

Let me back up a bit and ask: by default, under the “Keyboards” category, is there in fact a “Piano” instrument? Or only “Pianoforte”?

There is definitely a Piano instrument by default.

Thinking about it, is there any chance you changed the name to “Piano comp” before the Edit Names dialog was overhauled (in Dorico 2.1)? If so, I don’t know what the solution is, but you at least have an explanation for how you managed to change something that you can’t now reset.

Yes. I don’t know for certain, but that’s definitely possible.

I don’t know that I would have marked this “Solved” at this point. If you’re prepared to do a little bit of digging I think I have a solution, though:
Navigate to Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 2 and find the userlibrary.xml file.
Back it up somewhere safe.
Then edit the original file in a text editor.
Search for “piano” until you find the “piano comp” instrument. Replace any instance of “piano comp” with “piano” and save.


I opened the file userlibrary.xml in a text editor. A search for “Piano comp” gave only one result. I deleted the space and “comp”, saved, and re-launched Dorico. Problem solved.

Earlier this year I moved this file, along with a few others, to a folder Dropbox in order to sync customizations between my desktop and laptop computers, per this thread:

Steinberg folks, could this have had an effect on the issue at hand?

P.S. Leo - I marked it solved before posting this. Sorry about that!

Ah well - you found the right solution :slight_smile: