SOLVED Changing VST plug in path


I run a 64 system and have been having problems with guitar rig 5. The plug in pathway sends me to the 32 bit folder for the .dll.

Native Instruments told me to add a pathway in the vst 2. to the 64 bit plug in folder. Now when I open Guitar Rig 5 the ‘A serious problem…’ window appears.

How do I change the pathway for this plug in.

Cheers Guys


In cubase- Goto “devices- plugin information”



Thanks for your reply.

I have done that however it is the procedure that I don’t know. Where it says the plug in pathway the writing is shaded and I cannot alter it.


Did you press the “VST2.x Plug-in Paths” button at the top of the Plug-in information window?


I pressed that button and added the new path to the 64 bit folder as Native Instruments suggested. All seemed fine until I tried to open Guitar Rig and hats when I got the serious prob box.


Did you remove the old path or plug?

In plugin information, scroll down the list until you see your guitar plugin… What is the path in the list? Also, are other versions “check marked”?



On trying the NI solution a umpteenth and final time - doing exactly what they said - it just worked.


Thanks for time and your help


Have fun:)