[SOLVED] Choppy rendering after upgrading from Dorico Elements 3 to Dorico Pro 3

Hi all,

I just upgraded Dorico Elements 3 to Dorico Pro 3 today. After the upgrade, I get choppy rendering of the canvas during drag operations. Not a functional problem, but super annoying as I am constantly dragging the canvas around to look at the different pages, etc. See the attached image.

This did not happen in Dorico Elements 3, so not sure if it has something to do with the new Engrave functionality. To be safe, I updated my video card drivers, and reinstalled Dorico completely, but the problem persists.

My computer setup is: Windows 10 x64, NVIDIA GTX970, 96GB RAM, Intel i7 5820k, MSI x99A Raider motherboard

Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated! I love the new functionality, but can’t stand the jittery rendering.

That’s very strange, and I don’t recall seeing reports of this before. Could you record a full-screen capture of the jitter in motion and send it to me (e.g. via WeTransfer or Firefox Send)? What’s especially strange is that there’s literally no difference in the software between Elements and Pro other than the functionality unlocked by the higher license level, so the screen redraw is absolutely identical between Elements and Pro.

The problem seems to have been temporary, I can no longer reproduce.