[Solved] Chord Symbols Above Non Rhythm Instruments

Is there a way to show chord symbols above non-rhythm instruments?

I’ve tried following the manual and searching without success.


Right click on the player in the left panel of Setup mode and go Chord Symbols > All instruments.

Note that this menu is per player, so if you want it to apply to four players you’ll need to go through the process four times.

It should be a case of showing chord symbols for the relevant players (“Show for All Instruments” is probably the option you want), and making sure those players are also set to show chord symbols in the score (as I presume you want to show chord symbols at multiple positions in the score?)

If you have set chord symbols only to appear above the top staff in Layout Options>Chord Symbols and Diagrams, these settings won’t apply, so make sure that’s set to “Above specific players’ staves”

Also, creating a Chord Symbol Region will automatically trigger the Setup mode option to show chord symbols, so you don’t even have to switch to Setup mode. If you assign a key command to Create Chord Symbol Region, it’s even faster. Just stay in Write, select the bars where you want the chord symbols to show, use the key command to apply the Region, and the chords will show, provided they already exist in a rhythm instrument.

One thing to be aware of - this only works when you create a chord symbol region, not when copying a chord symbol region. I think chord symbol regions are the only element in the entire program where you get a different result from creating them than you do from copying them. I really wish you could achieve this by copying chord symbol regions too.

Thanks Pianoleo, Lillie and Fred.

All is working well now and thread marked as “solved”.