[Solved] chord symbols not correspond in Score and Parts! The Local Mode


I searched on the manual and internet for a long time without finding the answer,
so I come again with a beginner question.

I probably changed some chords in the parts (without knowing it would not be changed in the score)
and I’ve got different chords in the score and the parts and some other chords are missing in parts.

How can I make the Chords in the score and the parts identical?
(I forgot how many changes I did in the parts)

Is there a way to link them so what I change in the parts change also in the score?

I guess is something concern about the mysterious small man in the Chord Popover …

I noticed that the chords that I change in the Score now don’t change in part in this project :astonished:

I selected all chords in Parts but couldn’t erase them to paste the chords from the Score.
Mysterious Small man .jpeg

The “mysterous small man” denotes local chord symbols, i.e. chord symbols that apply to a single instrument only. Watch this video for an introduction, and refer to the Dorico 3 Version History PDF for full documentation of this feature.


I watched Chord Symbols and Diagram Improvements | New Features in Dorico 3.1 video.

I read the Dorico 3 Version History PDF

I understand that the “mysterious small man” refers to the Local Mode” Chords symbol.

As I didn’t be aware of this new function, and input chords in the score in Local Mode.

I tried using alt G in the Pop over to unlock some chords in Local mode to system mode.
The logo of the man disappears, but after press Enter and double-check the chords the man is still there.

Ok, I found that all the chords in the score was in Local mode,
and the only way I found to get bak them in System mode was,
opening the Pop over from the first chord of the piece and command ⌘→ until the end of the piece,
then I could fix it.

Is there a better way to do it?

Is there a way to find out which chords are in witch mode better than check them one by one?


I believe the status bar will show “Chord symbol” for a selected global chord symbol and “Chord symbol (local)” for a selected local chord symbol. I’m afraid there’s no more convenient way to convert an existing chord symbol from local to global or vice versa.

Thank you always :slight_smile: