[solved] Chord Track: Csus2 update error in MIDI track

If you have a MIDI track with a Cmaj chord linked to a Chord Track and you change Cmaj to Csus2 the MIDI track does not display C, D, G but C, G, G. The keyboard display of the chord editor shows C, D, G. Is this a bug?



New Project, Chord track, new midi track.
Chord track: Use Voicings>Basic, On midi track Activate “Follow Chord Track”>Chords
Create maj chord on chord track
drag it over midi track (notes created)
Change chord track chord to Csus2

Notes change correctly in voicing menu, and playback is correct, but notation and key editor display is wrong.

I heard back. So, not a bug.

This is actually working correctly. If you want to the exact notes of the chord to be in the midi track you have to activate Follow Chord Track>Voicing and Voicings>From Chord Track on the midi track chords tab.