[SOLVED] Classic Machines MIDI notes not visible

Hi Lars,

I used UBER X Classic on a track and recorded Bass drum and Clap which are visible on the event but when I go inside its Piano Roll, the base drum beats are not visible. The lowest note accessible is C1 but bass drum is on B0 to which I cannot scroll down. When I switch to some other Classic Machine and go into Piano Roll, I can see the MIDI notes of bass drum on B0 but the same is not available on UBER X Classic and a few other machines. When I switch back to UBER X Classic, the B0 note is visible briefly but when I tap the screen or scroll, it goes under the Velocity notes section and cannot access it (the lowest note accessible is C1).

  1. Also, the Copy/Paste options are not working with Classic Machines. These are just MIDI note data and I should be able to copy/paste them into any other track - including non-drum tracks but the Paste option is always disabled.

What is going on with these?


Hi Shekar,

Thanks for your message.

UBER X’ kick drum sits at C1 and should be visible in the MIDI editor.

Cubasis provides several options to copy and paste MIDI notes/events:

  • Duplicate track (located at the lower end of the track list) creates an exact copy of a track
  • MIDI events can be copied and pasted in the Arranger Window
  • Copy/Paste can also be used for selected notes of a MIDI event opened in the MIDI editor

Please provide us with further details, where the problems are related at your end.


Hi Lars,

The notes for the B0 bass drum are just visible on the event and “available” in the Velocity editor at the bottom of Piano Roll editor but the MIDI notes that are recorded on B0 key are not visible for this bass drum in the Piano Roll editor - even though the notes are visible for the Clap beat in the Piano Roll editor recorded on C1 key and also in the Velocity editor.

When I switch to another classic instrument and switch back to UBER X Classic, the MIDI notes for B0 bass drum are briefly visible in the Piano Roll editor but as soon as I tap in the piano roll editor or pinch/scroll, the B0 key on which the bass drum’s MIDI notes were recorded scrolls down behind the velocity editor and C1 becomes the lowest key available and cannot scroll down to B0 key to access the bass drum MIDI notes recorded on B0. The range of keys available for UBER X Classic are from C1 to B2 and B2 is partially visible on the top. I can adjust the velocity of B0 bass drum in the velocity editor but cannot edit it’s MIDI notes in the piano roll editor.

CORRECTION: I was wrong about the copy action as I was in the Piano Roll editor when Paste button is disabled on copying an event. It gets enabled if I come out of Piano Roll editor correctly. However, the above issues are still a problem.

Hi powerobject,

In Cubasis, both the o-board keyboard and MIDI editor is automatically mapped to the available rage of an instrument.
The kick drum of the UBER X Classic Kit, is mapped to C1 which marks the lowest note of the kit.

Did you create the MIDI event using a different instrument (since you mention B0 here)?
In other words, you’re not able to edit these notes since they do not show up due to the visible range limitation above?


Hi Lars,

I’m attaching a screenshot of notes visible on the event and velocity editor but not in the piano roll editor. I guess the bass drum in UBER X Classic is mapped to B0 as the bass drum notes appear sometimes on B0 when I switch the track’s instrument to another instrument like EIGHT EFX or some MicroSonic drum it is visible and editable on B0 but when I switch it back to UBER X Classic it disappears as soon as I touch/scroll in the piano roll editor and C1 becomes the lowest note available. In EIGHT EFX, the B0 note is partially visible but still editable.

I created the MIDI event using the same UBER X Classic instrument. I’m not able to edit the bass drum notes as they are not visible in the piano roll.

Please try to create a MIDI event on Air 2 using UBER X Classic, record some bass drum and clap beats and then try to edit the bass drum notes in the piano roll to reproduce this issue.

I think for now, I can edit the notes using another drum instrument and switch it back to UBER X Classic.

Using iPad Air 2
iOS 12
Cubasis 2.6

QUESTION: Is there a way to draw Velocity of notes or set the velocity of selected notes to a standard value or reset the velocities of all notes to their initial default of 100? Currently, it appears that the only way to change velocities of notes to a fixed/same value is to edit each note’s velocity individually. This feature should be pretty simple to offer in the app.


Okay, I’ve found a trick to reset velocities of selected notes to a fixed value:

Select the notes in the Piano Roll or Velocity editor, tap and hold on a note in the Velocity editor to place them in drag mode and drag it up (this will drag all the selected notes) until all the notes hit the top of the velocity editor (127) at which point all the notes are clipped equally at max 127 velocity and then drag them down to whatever fixed value you want for all of them (eg: default 100 velocity) :slight_smile:

TIP # 2: While incrementing velocities of selected notes (not fixed value), if they are getting clipped to a fixed value because they are hitting the top on dragging up, simply drag them down first instead (to place them in drag mode) and then drag them up to whatever proportionate value you want for them (make sure you don’t hit the top and not lose their proportion from clipping).

TIP # 3: I’ve found the Pitch Bend data in Velocity editor - just tap on the Velocity dropdown and select Pitch Bend.

The ability to draw velocity of selected notes would be nice.

Also, adjusting velocity of notes with minor increments is frustrating as it takes multiple attempts to set their values - it would be ideal to just select notes and tap Up/Down buttons to increment/decrement their values precisely which would be much easier.

Hi powerobject,

Cubasis 2.7 provides an extended MIDI editor range, which should address the issue.
Please find more information right here: Cubasis 2.7, Micrologue ARP & 6th Anniversary Sale available - Cubasis - Steinberg Forums


If tapping Up/Down buttons is going to add up to the Undo/Redo History (and increase project size), you could “batch” multiple up/down edits/taps into a single undo/redo action until there is a gap of more than 1 second between taps. All taps happening with less than 1 second gap between them could be batched as a single edit action so it gets recorded as a single undo/redo history item (similar to how it is done in Microsoft Word)