[solved] CMC-QC EQ control not working in Cubase 7.5


When I select the EQ buttopn on the CMC QC and then go to an audio channel with the channel edit window open - the CMC-QC does not let me edit EQ parameters with the control knobs?

Any suggestions - am I doing something wrong.

(all other CMC-QC functions are working fine - VST remote control etc)



Having watched some demos on YouTube - I’m thinking I may need to hit the button to enable the EQs in the first place! Will give it a try later on when back in the studio! :slight_smile:

Yes you may need to turn on the respective EQ band (if not already on) Shift + Q ; f/Q ; EQ ; MIDI for bands 1 ; 2 ; 3 ; 4 respectively.
See the CMC Op Man page 27

Downloaded the most recent drivers and all is now working perfectly!