[SOLVED] Combining slash-voices & regular snare notes, etc.

I am trying to add slash measures and then slash notes to show rhythms without assigning specific drums in the drum set, but sometimes I want to specify a specific (snare) drum hit and have not found a way to get anything but slash-voice notes.

The up-stem Cymbal hits seem to work just fine. Am I limited to two voices on a drum percussion staff? I cannot seem to add a third voice to show actual notes in one and slash-voice notes in the other.

Also, is there a way to number slash measures the way one can number measure repeats?

(Sorry if this is already answered somewhere; my search came up empty.)

You’re not limited to two voices in percussion kits: the number shown next to the up-stem/down-stem buttons in the action bar in the Edit Percussion Kit dialog is the voice number, and you can change it there.

Slash regions don’t yet have any automatic numbering, but they will do in the forthcoming update.

That’s good.

Okay, so I add the new voice at the kit level. Thanks.