[SOLVED] Confused about dispositions printing


I am sure I’ve done something wrong on the way… but I can’t figure out what! :laughing:

Maybe somebody could enlight me…

Starting from a previous Dorico score for men choir (TTBB), I used the configuration page to have two different conductor dispositions (in French, I am not sure it is the same word in English).
So, I’ve ended up with:

  • 8 instruments (Tenor I, Tenor II, Bass I, Bass II and Soprano I, Soprano II, Alto I, Alto II)
  • 2 dispositions, one showing TTBB, the other showing SSAA

Everything seems to be ok in all pages (configuration, write, engrave). BUT, no matter what, I can’t have the new conductor disposition printed or showed in the print page… It will shows only the first one… :confused:

Here are some screeshots to help my weak English:

Thanks in advance!

Can you give us a screenshot of what shows on the Print (Impression) page?

Normalement, les différents Layouts que tu as créés sont visibles dans le mode impression (cmd5) dans le panneau de gauche. Il faut s’assurer qu’ils sont bien sélectionnés pour les imprimer ou les exporter.

Hope it helps :wink:

Marc’s said what my next comment was likely to be: in Setup (Configuration) mode the layouts are on the right hand side. When you’re in Print (Impression) mode, it’s the left hand side - make sure you’re selecting the correct one there.

Thank you very much to both of you :slight_smile:
Silly me had indeed completely forgotten about the left pane in the printing page :blush:

I guess I should practice my Dorico a little bit more…

No problem. Feel free to ask, it’s always a pleasure to help.