[SOLVED] Connect SE Performer can't use USB audio interface

Hi Forum,

I’m setting up VST Connect SE and it’s working OK - but only for the built in microphone on the performers Mac. He has a USB Audio Interface that works OK in Garage Band - but the Performer application only lets us select the Built-In Output.

He is not usiong GarageBand at the same time.
I’m no Mac user, but he is quite proficient.

Any help?


“VST Connect Performer” starts with the default device of the system. This is the built-in device on Mac. Your performer checked the configuration page? There, you can change the audio device.
When you are connected, you also can change the settings of the performer inside “VST Connect SE”.

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Thanks for the reply Michael
Yes we checked the Configuration Page.

Can you confirm that the USB device should appear in the list inside VSP Performer? All I see is the Built-In Output and the channels Stereo, Channel 01, Channel 02.

The user manual assumes the best…

Cheers - Damian

The only option that works is the built in mic
VST CP will not work for the samson co1u usb mic or the audio line in

see attached image - the vstcp configuration and audio preferences do not match, VST CP is ignoring all other input options

working on OS X 10.9.3
iMac (late 2009 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 duo)

The solution is to create an Aggregate Audio Device.

I suspect that VST Performer must see a device with an INPUT and an OUTPUT. The USB microphone is only an input device and would not show up in the Audio Device List.

By creating an Aggregate Device, I could nominate an INPUT and an OUTPUT and then it worked.

See this apple post on how to create an Aggregate Device - you MUST tick an INPUT and an OUTPUT.


Hi DeePeeJay,

Excellent. That’s what’s going with the Performer. It needs a device which supports In- and Output. Aggregate Audio Device is the solution if a device has only one part.