[SOLVED] Connecting a real intrument to cubasis

Hi im having a hard time connecting a real instrument to cubasis. Ive read all the info in help on cubasis several times and for what ever reason it insn’t working. I try connecting thru midi, I turn on midi thru and i select my audio interface which is the Roland duo capture ex. it appears in the input section and output as well. but there is no sound coming through into the channel. i have managed getting it thru an audio file but it is very noisy.
is there an app i can download for my input for audio bus?? that would bring in a clean sound? Im using my juno di 88, jupiter 80, v-drums and external mic and guitar. I want to use the sounds that they come with. is there a way to do this??
thank you very much for reading and any replies are very appreciated.


Thanks for your message.

Cubasis supports compatible MIDI and audio hardware devices to connect and run external gear within the app (such as Steinberg’s UR series and lots of other 3rd party iOS compatible hardware devices).

Since we’re not equipped with Roland’s duo capture device I’m not able to give it a test drive, but it seems some users discussed about the device in our forum some time ago: Creativity First | Steinberg

To learn more about Cubasis MIDI routing options, please have a look at the Inspector section in the Cubasis in-app help.

The following tutorials should be helpful to guide you how to route audio signals in Cubasis correctly:

Hope that helps.


Great! thanks! yeah the videos we super helpful. I just set up the track just like in the video tutorial using an audio track instead of a midi track and it worked great. So thank you very much for the reply and all the info.
Much appreciated

Hi Tan,

Thanks for the update.
Glad to hear the tutorial was helpful to solve the topic!

Have great fun using Cubasis!