[SOLVED] Connecting MR816 to Studio Monitors via SPDIF OUT jack


I was wondering how I could connect my MR816 to Studio Monitors via SPDIF OUT jack. My monitor has TRS and XLR input jacks.

Currently my monitors are connected to Analog output jacks 1 – 2 of MR.

I also would like to know if I gain anything for doing this? Does this increase the sound quality ( noise reduction) from my monitors?

Any help would be appreciated.


No real improvement . Also, you would have to get another D/A converter box to do this. Your MR is fine going analog to the speakers. Better cables would be the cheapest option IMO.

If you have noisy speakers you will not rid them of white noise etc. What I do here is turn the input on the monitors all the way down and adjust my volume going to them from the MR Main Volume. This keeps the speaker self noise to a minimum. Im using Persons Sceptre S6’s here. Anything past 9 o’clock on them and it gets pretty noisy.

Thank you for suggestion. I always had them at 12 o’clock. I should try yours.