[SOLVED] Connecting to desktop

I have Cubase 8.5 (latest update)
I also have a new IPAD Air 2

Cubase is installed on my Desktop and the Desktop computer is connected directly to my wireless router through one of its Lan Ports (wired connection).
The IPAD air is connected through the wireless router

I would like to purchase Cubase IC Pro and install on my IPAD to control Cubase on my desktop.

My question is do I have to buy a wireless adapter for my desktop computer so that Cubase IC pro can connect to Cubase on my desktop from the IPAD ?

Or will it connect through my network the way it is set up now?

Figured it out

Entered my IP address and connected through my network in IC Pro

Connected with no issues


glad to hear you could solve it!! :sunglasses:


It worked without having to install a wireless card or adapter in the desktop computer which is connected directly through Lan. Also did not have to install bonjour

Only thing I had to do was install was the IC pro connection software on the desk top and set it up