[SOLVED] Connection probs after IOS 10.3

I heard back from Steinberg tech support:

I have forwarded the requests to Steinberg Germany. They have been very busy with the recent Musik Messe show, which may be a partial reason for the delay in response. I have subscribed to the posts also.

I suggest that everyone who has this problem should submit a Steinberg tech support request. The more of us they hear from, the more likely they are to do something.

I just heard back from a Steinberg support tech, who said:

I did get an update that there is a known issue currently with iOS 10.3.1 with iC Pro. We do expect that with Germany bank holidays next week, it may take longer than usual to get further information. If I receive further updates from the Developers, I will let you know (assuming they have not already shared that information on the posts I sent). Thank you

And just to confirm, I got around to trying this on an old iPad 2 which is only on iOS 9.3.5 and iC Pro works fine, slow, but functional.

Those apple villains messed up wifi totally.
Even Lemur and Touchosc do not work.

If this is an iOS bug, then Steinberg may not be able to get around it. In that case, hopefully all app creators who are affected nag Apple to sort it.

I’m having this same problem but it did not materialize until I updated Nuendo to the latest version. Based on that I would think that Steinberg broke something as I was on iOS 10.3.1 and had iC Pro working fine prior to updating to Nuendo 7.1.35.

I only had it immediately after the iOS update. I am using Cubase and there have not been any updates for a while.

I’m running whatever the latest version of Cubase Pro 9 is, and it was working for me prior to the 10.3 update on my iPad.

Hi all,

I didn’t think it was a ios problem and opened a new thread. I see lots of people have the same problem as me. As I mentioned in my post, have you guys tried to connect when Cubase has no open project? Because in my case it works, and as soon as I open a project, it disconnects.

I also submitted a ticket more than a month ago and noone answered, just like other friends here said, this is a paid product and comes from Steinberg. We are the customers, I dont care who fixes it, but there should be a place to submit tickets or call for support. This is very unprofessional, I am vastly disappointed.

I am using teamviewer, it’s not ideal but serves my purpose until this is fixed. If it ever is fixed.

I can confirm this. Not that it appears Steinberg cares.

I’m using RDP (Windows Remote Desktop) for this and it has a setting to play sound on host machine (or something like that). This needs to be set if you’re using this RDP. I’m not sure if Teamviewer has this setting/problem or not. Also for this reason, I couldn’t use Chrome Remote Desktop.

I’m able to use RDP as well, and that was initially my remote solution. However, the laptop has a fan, so I went with an iPad approach to avoid that noise.

Microsoft has an RDP client for iPad which is what I use. ‎Remote Desktop Mobile on the App Store

That’s an interesting thought, thanks.

Have you tested to see if it still works in 10.3?

It’s working fine from my iPad with 10.3.1. Although I would usually recommend TeamViewer, in this case it’s one less thing to install on my DAW since RDP is already built into Windows. By default, it adjusts the resolution of your “monitor” to the client’s resolution which is a plus so I’m not dealing with a super zoomed out screen or scrolling around a screen like with TeamViewer.

Excellent, I’ll be giving that a try tonight. Thanks!

After connecting, when starting Cubase I get an error that “this Steinberg product does not support basic and high contrast themes,” suggesting that I use an Aero theme - but the computer is in fact running an Aero them, not basic / high contrast.

Did you encounter this, and if so do you know how to resolve it?

No, but I’m on Win 10.

Got it sorted. I tested with remote desktop from another PC and got the same results. I know it’s been working, but I realized I’ve never tried to launch Cubase while in an RDP session. So, I started Cubase locally and then connected via RDP and it works from both my desktop and the iPad app.

I’ll have to fool around a bit with workspaces to get something optimized for the tablet but this may do the trick.

Thanks again for the idea, I’d completely overlooked that option.

Please see here: [SOLVED] Cubase iC Pro connectivity issue after iOS update 10.3.1 - Mobile apps - Steinberg Forums