**SOLVED** Control Room | separate inserts for each monitor

Currently, the Control Room applies one set of inserts to all monitors.

However, when using room correction (Sonarworks, IK Multimedia ARC, etc.) or headphone correction (TB Isone, Waves NX, etc.) plugins, each monitor needs its own instance of the plugin. It would be bad, for example, to provide room corrections to headphones; conversely, it would be bad to apply headphone correction to a speaker set.

The current workaround is to manually turn on/off the relevant inserts. However, this is tedious and it’s easy to forget sometimes.

I would like for each monitor to have the option to have its own set of inserts. That way, each set of speakers/headphones can have its own precise settings via plugins.

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I am pretty sure it does provide separate inserts for each monitor set up in the control room. Just is not obvious until you switch between different monitors.

McBass -

Thank you for prompting me to take yet another look at the Control Room section. With ongoing Cubase releases, I’d reviewed updated manuals and revisited the Control Room setup itself repeatedly… but somehow in clicking around I hadn’t noticed the functionality you mention.

I am fairly certain, in previous Cubase versions all the way up through the 8s, that there was only one set of inserts configurable, applied to all the various monitor channels. That’s what had made using monitor and headphone correction plugins somewhat tedious. So today, after reading your post, I looked at the Control Room again. Initially, it looked the same as before. But as you mention, when switching between the monitor channels (A, B, C, etc.), I now see distinct inserts for each channel. There’s even a separate set of inserts for headphone channels, which can run in parallel to the switchable monitor channels. Exactly what I needed.

This Feature Request is already implemented. Sorry, everyone, for wasting your time by raising it again!

Maybe I missed this all along even in version 8 or before, but with all the clicking around and trying to set up routes the way I wanted in previous versions and not seeing this, I think this is a new innovation in 9 that I just didn’t click around enough to discover. Am I wrong?

Don’t know when it was implemented. I did not know it existed until I tried adding insert effects to my main monitor then switched to my Alt Monitors or headphones. I figured this out when implementing headphone correction software and it was a pain to remember to turn that stuff off when going to my main speakers… Also what is pretty cool is that it remembers if you have mono enabled for a set of monitors for say a mono Auratone type thing. So now I have a couple of go to metering plugins on the main control room inserts at the bottom section and individual inserts on each monitor or headphone out if needed. Uses a bit more processing power but it is worth it to me.

Plus maybe Steinberg should add an obvious different color to each monitor ‘path’ or ‘section’ so it is easier to tell what monitor and insert you are using? Right now, going from memory, only the monitor name at the top changes. You would have know idea that the insets change along with them unless there are totaly different plugins used for each. Follow me? So if you use the same room correction software on insert 1 of each monitor you might not notice the change, just like not noticing this feature exists when no plugins are added.

Yes, I’m doing the same thing. One thing I’d like to ask you to test: On my machine, the inserts in the main control room (bottom) section actually process the metronome audio. I noticed this when a spectrogram plot was showing all of the metronome clicks. So that would obviously alter your measurements and processing anytime you use the metronome, and if you’re not aware of that, it could create a problem. Do you see this as well?

McBass, thanks again for pointing this out. I really appreciate it!