[Solved] Convert old Cubase files (ARR and ALL) to CPR format

I have solved this with Steinberg support’s help.

  1. Download the latest SX3 from Steinberg’s download site and install to your device
    The download page is
    Cubase | Steinberg
    I run Cubase Sx 3 on WIndows 10 and I use the compatibility mode setting. I have set to Windows XP (Service pack 3) and it is stable.

  2. Look for the latest version of Cubase Pro ( at the time of writing Cubase 11 Pro) and download the 1 month trial. Downlad and Install the activation to your eLicense on your USB. ( you dont need to fully install pro to achieve this)

  3. Open Cubase SX and point to the Pro license. Cubase SX3 now opens… Finally !! But only for 1 month. Lots of time to convert my arr and all files.

Use file - import - Cubase arrangement , then file save as to save as a CPR
Use file - import - Cubase song
The song opens with a table. Select one row at a time for each arrangement within the song.
You need to do this multiple times to convert the entire song.
Select the row. When the song is loaded go to File - Save as to save in cpr format.

Audio is preserved. If an audio file is not in the correct folder you can search for it.

Parts names track names etc are also preserved. Much better than moving in midi format.

As of 2021 Jan all items I mentioned above are easily obtainable through the Steinberg website.

This solution does not work using a Cubase Artist license. It must be Pro !

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The link above for downloading Cubase SX3 points to the upgrades page only.
The full version download can be found at ftp://ftp.steinberg.net/Download/Cubase_SX_3/Cubase_SX_3_VST_Song_Conversion/PC/


Older Cubase versions installers are available here.

Dear Martin

I am sorry but that is not correct.

Only updates for Cubase SX3 are available from your link.

This does not help with my solution as a full version is required of Cubase SX 3 to make any conversions.

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You are right, I also discovered this today. Sorry.


See my comment below my original post.

I have added a comment below the original post with the path the Steinberg FTP site where the full version can be obtained.

I hope this helps.



Sorry – I also made the wrong assumption that all the installers were available on that page. Apparently it only aggregates the previously available installers in to one page.

The full version is available here

Of course – and I therefore labeled your post above as the solution. Thank you.

Thanks you for the explaination of converting .arr and .all files. But I have a problem converting .arr files. When I import small .arr files f.e. 40kb all is fine. All tracks are shown with the midi parts. But when loading larger files f.e. 130kb it only shows the track lane names, but no midi parts or cubase crashes. The same goes for .all files. A .all file opens in cubase. I have to pick a file from the list. If that is a small arrangements, it opens fine. If it is a complex/ large arrangement cubase crashes.
Any idea what causes these crashes or even better, what can I do to load these larger projects. Because those are of most interest to me.