[SOLVED] CPU overload with iMPC Pro using IAA

Started with iMPC Pro today. Despite people on other forums reporting good integration with Cubasis using IAA, I just get CPU overload, iMPC Pro lagging (both audio and screen response)’, audio dropouts and finally either Cubasis or iMPC crashing.

I’m running a retina mini with plenty of space. I have reset the iPad and reinstalled both apps and set the hardware latency to maximum in Cubasis.

Any thoughts from anyone on what to try next?


Ok, this one was a simple case of user error.

By selecting impc pro from the IAA instrument list, it connects through a MIDI channel. If an audio track is created first then iMPC selected as the input source it all works fine and the CPU meter shows hardly any load.

I wish I’d got that clear before I backed up all my work, deleted Cubasis and iMPC and reinstalled because when I tried to bring my projects back in via iTunes a few of them failed to import to the iPad. I still have copies of the audio files so I can rebuild them.

I will have a look at this when I get back from work to see if I can work out what went wrong…I’m wondering if the best way to back up projects is to export as zip files first?


glad to hear you got it to work.