(solved) CPU usage problem with SERUM x64 synth in 8

Latest SERUM x64 VSTi results in MAX cpu usage in Cubase Pro 8.
Does not have this issue in Cubase 7.5.30

Here’s a screen grab that shows the terrible CPU usage.

I have several projects that are 100+ tracks and none even reach half of the usage seen in the image above!

Anyone else with Serum x64 on Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate seeing this on their systems?

I haven’t noticed any difference in performance (neither better or worse) from 7.5 to 8 with Serum. Serum is literally the only instrument I’ve been using the last couple months and I tend to have anywhere from 40 - 108 instances of it in a project. Of note, I am careful to design my presets so I never have anywhere near 210 voices playing simultaneously like you do in the screenshot. That is an awful lot.

Thanks Greg. I see you read Steve’s reply on the xferrecords.com forum!

And me too! I love Serum and also had many tracks in C7.5.30 projects.

Yes it is alot. I found that the All Midi Inputs setting was doubling the notes. Recording some midi and going into the midi editor revealed that notes were double stacked on top of each other.

Any quick chord progressions with the new Chord Pad feature also spikes the voices playing to over 200!

It’s something that has come up a lot in the various forums when Serum first came out since Serum makes it so easy to add voices to a patch. People had to keep pointing out that you just can’t have 200+ voices playing simultaneously on current CPUs. Lower unison, lower polyphony, or lower release times.

One thing you can try however is simply freezing that track. I don’t do EDM so I don’t run into trouble with supersaws, but I do freeze all my pads.

Hmm. Obviously you don’t want that, but I wouldn’t think it should add voices if you still have “Limit polyphony to one of any given note number” checked. Maybe I’m wrong. I often am. :slight_smile:

I’ve never had any issue in C7.5.30, but my usual workflow is with my already customized templates (with direct to the correct MIDI input device and not “All Midi Inputs”!)

That’s what I get for testing in an “Empty” template!

Thanks for the Tips too!

No. I don’t think you’re wrong. Read my previous reply.
Everything was default. No customizations.
Thus, My fault!