[SOLVED]crash on exit-Peaks-crashy vsts? Read this!)

Cubase Artist 8.0.40 crashes on exit and saves. I cannot save a file ever without it crashing BEFORE it saves first. OSX Sierra. No matter what VSTs I have loaded…

I changed my nvidia gtx 670 for a gtx 1060.
If you got an older motherboard like mine (Z77) don’t.
Older boards almost all require a bios update to use the 10 series gtx cards.
The computer simply won’t turn on or if you are able to turn it on won’t get past the bios screen.
I managed to trick the system to boot by switching off the PSU then hold the power button to drain the power, them switch PSU back on and immediately hit the power on button.
After jumping through that loop I can report Cubase is running great or should I say the same as with the gtx670 .

Which registry folder are you modifying? I don’t see a cubase8 or cubase8.5 folder under
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Steinberg*

When I tried this I used the cubase8.5 “folder” in the registry.

Anyone having the crash on close issue try updating to Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3, I’ve had this problem for quite some time and I finally got fed up after upgrading to Cubase 9 and seeing the issue persist. I chased the issue over to Event Viewer and Windows was showing that it was crashing due to “Faulting module path: C:\Windows\system32\MSVCR120.dll”

Problem seems to be ALL fixed now just by updating my VC++ Redistributable!!

Don’t know if links are allowed here but here’s where I grabbed it from the Microsoft website (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=53840)

Did this also fix the ASIO peaks?

I’ve never had that problem so I’m not sure, however that sounds like the GUI/graphics driver problem. I don’t know if updated redistributables would help with that, but I could be wrong.

I updated it and it looks a bit more tolerant now, but maybe it is just me lol. Thanks!

Sorry for asking this here, is there any way to have the audio processing overload indicators automatically reset after a given time? It is quite irritating having them constantly red lit or clicking on them so often to reset them.

It appears I solved my problem. I disabled the HDMI audio devices (I had 3) on my nVidia in the device panel. I’ve upgraded to C9 as well and haven’t got C8.5 installed anymore, so it could be a combination of things. But first days with C9 was as problematic as always on my computer.

Wow, I applied this fix (on the 1st page of the thread) & I must say Cubase loads much faster now & doesn’t crash on exit. Asio spikes seem to be reduced although I haven’t tested it on the problematic projects yet.

I also added the the fix to the Cubase entry in the registry.

Did the same on the steinberg cubase 8 64bit folder and there’s no improvment, lots of crashes and misbehaving.

What am i doing wrong? Boot? What?

Did the same on the steinberg cubase 8 64bit folder and there’s no improvment, lots of crashes and misbehaving.

What am i doing wrong? Boot? What?

Now Cubase “thinks” when i try to open some of the plugins and still i get crashes…
I thought there would be a brighter future of making music…

And now i get a stuttered playback, tried removing the reg entry and it does not get back to normal.
This is becoming a nightmare! please help!

I’m eager to try this! I’m on a Mac but I’ve tried these two commands with the following results. Is my syntax not correct?

Thanks much!

CW-Mac-Pro:~ drpepper$ com.waves.Common GraphicsAcceleration 0
-bash: com.waves.Common: command not found
CW-Mac-Pro:~ drpepper$ com.kontakt GraphicsAcceleration 0
-bash: com.kontakt: command not found

Does anyone have the “folder” option (not plugin, as stated in the very first parts of this thread) for OSX? I’m not sure what to type into terminal…I’m on 10.10.3. Thanks!!

I went ahead and tried the Mac version stated on Page 1 (sorry, didn’t see it earlier) and have observed switching between projects while still in Cubase (not having to quit the program EVERY time to avoid a crash) to be much more stable! Only had one crash so far when importing audio which seemed to be a fluke but so far, so good!

MAC USERS THIS SEEMS TO WORK: defaults write com.cubase.common GraphicsAcceleration 0


Hi everyone,

I have Cubase 9 Elements, Using the latest version of Kontakt with Get Good Drums as my VST. I tried your hack and it did not fix the VST peak overload that continues happening. It appears your fix does not work.