Solved "crash on quit".

I installed the latest eLicenser. No more crash on quits. I guess there’s more going on under the hood than I though, but it makes sense.

The reason why I always refused to install the latest eLicenser software was because at one point, an older version maintained allowance to use some older bridge plugins, as soon as you’d update, those plugins would be unavailable. But since 7, I have stopped using bridge altogether (unhappily… the old stuff like the first PPG Wave are untouched, even the new PPG is not close, old LM4 kits like the wizoo gator kit ex. are still unmatched imo), I accepted the upgrade during the 7.5 update. I would not be surprised to see more subtle stable behavior with certain plugins under the eLicenser umbrella. Interesting.

Do you use any Eucon controller?

No, no controllers.

I have not crashed on quit since.

However Cubase still crashes when you’re working on something in the key editor, finally get some perfect keyswitch combos, just perfect-CRASH.

lost work… happens whenever you don’t need it, and you lose so much inspiration to do art twice, it doesn’t work that way.