[SOLVED] Crashes-Project GUI doesn't open

I often get this…

The project is read no problem (I see the plugins load, SSL controller and plugins load), but the project GUI doesn’t open. I have to force Nuendo shutdown and start again. It then opens fully without problem.

Anyone else? What could be the problem?

Typically there’s a message somewhere hidden behind other windows that waits to be answered. I’d double-check. :slight_smile:

Thanks Dietz! I have checked before, but I’ll triple check next time it happens…

I get pop-ups now and then (plugin missing on an old mix or a file missing, etc), but nothing on this issue. Will check again and report back.

Looks like an early version of Pong! :smiley:

(… sorry, I couldn’t resist.)


True! We old!

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It’s just happened again. First start of Nuendo. Taskbar at the top is there. Default template GUI not loading. No pop-ups. It happened twice in a row.

I have to apologize for the confusion. It was user error. I had automatically upgraded the MacOS and that is what broke the whole thing. When the current OS version became supported, all was fine!

No worries! I’m glad you’re sorted

Since my upgrade to N13 I haven’t had one ‘startup GUI’ issue. The window management in Nuendo seems to have changed, which has fixed the problem. I use an Ultrawide screen as my primary monitor.

I have noticed, however, that some plugins cause spikes and higher CPU usage, that could possibly be graphics related. Opening the same project in N12 has lower CPU usage.

But, overall, I’m really enjoying N13.