[Solved] Crescendo over Slash Region - results not as expected

Hello All,

I’m currently working on a Big Band piece. I’m working with the guitar part which needs a crescendo from beat two (Bbm7) to the third beat of the next bar (A7)add#9). The selection is shown in (crescendo select.jpg).

However, I always get a strange resultwhen trying to action the edit (crescendo-result.jpg).

I tried Shift +, as well as selecting it graphically from the side menu. I have also tried highlighting the right most ‘marker’ of the crescendo and tried shortening it by pulling it to the left. It wouldn’t move.

Does anyone have an idea with regard what’s happening and the best way to resolve it?

Thank you.


What’s happening is that the whole slash region is being selected, despite you only selecting a few slashes. On my machine the solution is to select the crescendo and then use Shift-Alt-Left Arrow (several times), in Write mode.

I suppose you could cut the region (scissors tool u) before and after the selected region — but I admit it is not an expected behavior


Thank you for your input and suggestions.

It’s appreciated.