[SOLVED] Crossgrade Eligibility Order Stuck In Loop

I initiated a crossgrade purchase, submitted verification proof, received an email informing me the verification was successful that included links to continue with the purchase.

When I click that link and continue, it starts me through the whole process again, including uploading the proof file (!). Then I get another set of submission emails from the Steinberg Store.

Meanwhile, my American Express card notifies me of a fraud protection alert, to which I respond that I accept the charge. AMEX acknowledges this acceptance with an email.

At this point I have received no email from Steinberg that my purchase is either held up or confirmed. Not sure what to do…

Please email info@steinberg.de with your order details and somebody will help you as soon as possible.

Email sent, thanks Daniel.

I had the same problem. Delete the newly added copy at the BOTTOM of the list and you should be able to check out without going through another loop.

Ed Hirschman

Thanks for the comments, Ed. I already did that, but there’s been no email from the Steinberg shop since. I thought I might have managed to complete the purchase, but I’ve received no notification of either confirmation or hold status.

Waiting now on some sort of reply to my email to info@steinberg.de. I have to figure they are quite busy today.

Since I was hearing nothing back via email, I re-entered a new order and it went through fine without having to reverify eligibility.

I have emailed Steinberg informing them of this and asked them not to duplicate the order.

Ed, I think perhaps your comments were spot on, I must have originally deleted the TOP line item in my cart instead of the BOTTOM, as you suggested.

My first attempted purchase failed and kept going back to the validation screen. I shortly found out that my credit card was refusing payment because the overseas payment was atypical for my account. Once I verified my intent with the credit card company (with a single click) I was able to return to Steinberg and purchase the software without difficulty.

I too ran into that loop when establishing crossgrade eligibility, including the initial declining of the charge by my credit card. I had to try various routes to resume, including starting my order over, and then deleting one of the two copies I had now inadvertently ordered. But it all worked out in the end.

(Something similar happened with entering my authorization code for Dorico itself – after being told it was successful, I kept seeing the verification screen. But after I quit and restarted Dorico, everything was as it should be.)

I sent my proof of eligibility and received a notice that it’s being verified and I’ll get a return e-mail sometime. I haven’t submitted payment information yet. I also received an e-mail that supposedly contains credentials for logging into the purchase site. The credentials don’t work. I hope I hear something back before long.

The team verifying crossgrade eligibility are working German business hours, so right now they’re in bed, hopefully asleep, and preparing themselves to go through several hundred more in the morning. Please be patient and you’ll hear back soon.

If you spend hundreds of dollars on crossgrade and you have definite proof that is required it is really a shame for a person to wait days to use their paid software. There should be a pre-pre-proof eligibility email address to automate this.
Please provide an email address I would like to purchase. Cubase Pro 9.5 crossgrade asap from Sweeteater inc. One of your USA distributors

Alan, if you purchase the Cubase crossgrade from Sweetwater, then your Sweetwater rep will take care of the verification process for you.

Order in Limbo
Placed my order, accepted my credit card then asked for eligibility proof, sent it (this is the second time with no answer). Are they approving the charge I made? Sale ends in two days, have no idea what’s going on. Emailed Ask.com, Steinberg Customer Service, just automated response. Really hard to buy stuff here.

If you’re getting stuck in the email loop, contact Steinberg phone support: https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/usa.html

They’re great.