[Solved]Crossgrade purchase problem

i received my crossgrade eligibility verification and a link to complete the purchase. however, i see no place to actually use the verification number (it fails in the coupon redemption panel) and when i create my account to finish the purchase, i’m thrown back onto the “initiate verification request” page.

things should be simpler… why is this so complex?

how do i get out of this interminable loop?


Sorry you’re having problems. It should be as simple as clicking the top link in the email you received, the one that says “Continue shopping” by it, and then hopefully the next step should be obvious.

tried that. went through the purchase and logged onto my account. went straight to the verification page.

A few people have had this problem, but in all cases I’m aware of it has been possible to sort it out by clicking the first link in the email that says your status has been verified. If this really doesn’t work, please email info@steinberg.de and somebody will help you, though I’m afraid not until tomorrow as the people who answer that email only work normal business hours.

thanks, i’ll try that. the problem is, i already input my payment information and when i click the link in the email i’m directed to the page where i select which product i want and from there yada yada yada.

again… this seems way too difficult and awkward.


I’m sorry you’re having problems. Hundreds of people have successfully made it through the process with no problem, but a handful of people have hit this hold-up, and I’m afraid I don’t have a good feel for what could be different in this handful of cases. Hopefully you will hear from my colleagues tomorrow and they’ll get you sorted out without too much further delay.

thanks daniel.

it’s just frustrating.



I had the same problem here: after getting my eligibility verification email, clicking on the top link (“continue shopping”) put me back to a place where I was again taken to the verification page and was not able to complete the purchase.

So I just started all over at:
and clicked “Buy Now” and went through the initial steps of selecting the cross grade product, and whether I wanted the downloaded or boxed product, and clicked add to cart.

When I did this, the eligibility verification page was skipped this time and I was able to complete the purchase.

I hope this method works for you as it did for me.

How come when I type t-b-a-b-c-o-c-k-1-2-3, it gets morphed into “rock”?

i had to wait for Steinberg to resend the crossgrade validation before i could order Dorico. success at last! unclear why the first email didn’t work but the second one did.