SOLVED : Cubase 10.5.12 don't start after update / WIN


i’m on Windows 8.1
i run cubase everyday for work.

i was working on 10.0.20

i updated today directly to 10.5.12 ( “update from 10.0” download )

impossble for cubase 10.5.12 to complete start.
Not once.

i tried “safe start mode”, and neither ignore plugins and deleting preferences worked.

it crashes at “ARA service scanning plugins”

Any idea ?

tried re-installing.
no luck.

i don’t have a .dmp in D/steinberg/CrashDumps but a .LOG file.

i found the problem, my VST3 Melodyne plug in make it crash.
i just moved it outside the VST3 plugin folder and Cubase can now run.

Hope this helps if you have the same problem.