[SOLVED] Cubase 2.7 Bluetooth not working anymore

I did the update.

Even though turning on ‚Bluetooth/AirPlay‘ in Setup Audio my bluetooth earphone does not connect anymore.
Other apps are still working with bluetooth.

In Cubase 2.6 there was no problem.

Hi Iskander,

Gave the BT audio function a quick check with 2.7 on an iPad Pro 12.9" with iOS 12.1 where things work as expected.


  • Enable Bluetooth in the iOS settings
  • Choose the BT device to be paired
  • In Cubasis: Go to Setup/Audio
  • Make sure to enable Bluetooth/AirPlay Output by tapping the corresponding button

Hope that helps!


I’ve found out, it was not a bluetooth problem.

There was something wrong with my current Cubasis-project and Audio Damage AUv3 plugins. When they were muted everything was fine.

Now I‘ve found a solution:

  • removed the AD plugins from the current project
  • loaded another project
  • loaded my current project again
  • reloaded AD plugins
    => everything was fine

I’m using iOS 12.1.1 on my iPad Pro 10,5“

Hi Iskander,

Thanks for the update.
Glad to hear you’ve been able to solve the issue yourself!