Solved - Cubase 5.5.3 External Effects Send not working

Solution, In the sends slot in my audio channel, there was a small infinity symbol. I changed it to a number and it all works as it is supposed to.

I have a few external effects (non midi) that work properly when used as an insert on a channel. However,when I create an FX channel with an external effect as an insert, and use an activated send from an audio channel to that FX channel the signal does not get sent. The VST connections are correct as they work as an insert. The return seems to work as I can hear a little hiss if I crank the return level. It appears that the signal is not being sent to the effect at all. Any help would be appreciated.
External Delay input is on ADAT 5 out
External Delay Return is on ADAT 5 in.
Delay is set up as an external effect using those 2 i/o.

FX channel created using that external effect on an insert (either manually or in the VST connections Group/FX).

Audio channel either already recorded or new. Select External delay as Send (activated). Set send/return levels. No effect heard.

Edited to add that clicking the delay compensation button sends a signal that is returned through the effect.