[Solved]Cubase 6.5.3 Phase issue with VSTis

I seem to be having issues with phase at reasonably low latencies (seems to be from 256 samples down but gets more pronounced the lower the sample rate) and Cubase 64 bit 6.5.3 (also had the issue on 6.5.0). I create an instrument track and load BFD2 then trigger it via a td 12 using the RME Aio Midi in. Certain hits sound like there is a definite phase issue. I do not experience these issues in standalone BFD2 (same sample rate and buffer setting) and also experience the issue with Jamstix in Cubase. I therefore suspect that it might be Cubase causing the phasing.

I’ve attached a MP3 file of the issue. BFD2 in an instrument track->Group Track-> to Stereo Audio and light taps on a snare drum. Please would other people see if they can recreate this issue. It will be easier to use a drum vsti as the phasing might be more subtle on other instruments.

I’m going to test and see if I can recreate the issue with audio and will revert.

Cubase 6.5.3 Phase issue.mp3 (480 KB)

Are you trying to layer drums?

Try this:Phase Demystified
and read “Phase cancellation while layering”.

Hi Conman,

I was just being an idiot! I had all midi inputs selected and had previously enabled ignore portfilter (to try and resolve the midi timing issues I was experiencing before I updated my directx). It’s a testament to how accurate the RME Aio midi drivers are that it was only happening occasionally. I was wondering why everything was louder in Cubase and was busy checking pan laws when I finally twigged. :blush:

Thanks for chiming in so quickly, everything’s working perfectly now. :smiley: