[Solved] Cubase 6.5 lanes problem with Cubase 4/5 songs

I’m loading in Cubase 6.5.0 songs made ​​in earlier versions of Cubase (4/5), but as you can see in the images Cubase 6.5 does not play the right clip in the lane: the active clip in cubase 6.5 is the muted one (in Cubase 5 is ok).
Ideas to solve this problem?
Cbase 5.jpg
Cbase 6.5.jpg

here you find a test song made in cubase 5 with comping on an audio track.
Opening the same song in cubase 6.5.0 the comping work is partially lost because only the bottom lane remains active.
Can someone try this test, please?
LANES TEST 5 TO 6.zip (31.9 KB)

Just bumping.
On March 23 2012 Steinberg support said to install version 6.5.1 and after that…nothing,
so a word here from Steinberg about this problem will be really appreciated.

Are you using the (new) Comping Tool to activate?

Yes, when I load a Cubase 5 song in Cubase 6.5 I have every time to restore the right comping on the tracks with the comp tool (a nightmare).
As you can see in the test song (and in the images) in cubase 5 the active takes are take 1 on lane 1, take 2 on lane 2, take 3 on lane 3 and so on, but in Cubase 6.5 the active takes are all the takes on lane 5: as a result you can hear only the last take on lane 5 (because the other takes on lane 5 are muted events).
test song cubase 5 to cubase 6.5.jpg

I agree the comping is not working as expected, as you say it sticks on the last track (lane) recorded and changing this to audition other lanes is very hit and miss, and when you think you have the right lane active closing the lanes it reverts to the last lane again, as I have said very hit and miss. This is not confined to earlier versions as it is happening within new work in 6.5.
Slightly off topic, but, what is up with the metronome? I have to reset the output every time I reopen 6.5 is it only me? also the internal beep has stopped working.
I suppose it is the ‘preferences’ at fault or maybe not.

Let us see if this more widespread

Cheers Guys

No problems here with lanes recorded and/or edited in Cubase 6.5.0;
just problems with lanes when loading Cubase 5 projects in Cubase 6.5;
no problems with the metronome (but I use only the internal beep).

Solved http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=184&t=30513