SOLVED - Cubase 6 ContentManger.xml files

In tidying my .VSTSOUND files today I tried an experiment with the ContentManger.xml file held in Users*username*\appdata\roaming\steinberg\cubase 6\ on a Windows 7 32bit setup.

If I rename this file in my Cubase 5 appdata folder (I have Cubase 5 and 6 in seperate folders on the same machine) when Cubase 5 restarts it rebuilds a new file with the name ContentManager.xml. (I saw this as a quick way of tidying obselete path entries to Cubase file content). However if I do the same in Cubase 6 when Cubase 6 is restarted it does not appear to recreate this file?

Anyone else seen this or can clarify the purpose of this file in Cubase 6.



Scrap that observation.

Cubase 6 did recreate the file (at least its there now). I assume the refresh of the screen in Windows explorer was delayed as I was testing in same session and left windows open.