[SOLVED] Cubase 6 here but not running with Win XP

Hey Guys,

an hour ago I got the package and installed it on my good old Win XP DAW - I am an updater from Cubase 5. First run crashed during start - I thought because of the missing activation. So I switched to the Internet-OS (XP) and updated the license. Reboot. Now I can see the “Project Assistant” but after that a window pops up telling me that Cubase6.exe has a problem and quit now. I deleted the default.xml file but that didn’t changed anything.
Just to let you know for those of us working with XP - don’t have to high expactations.
I try to run it now on my Internet-XP which has no plugins is all up to date and has never seen Cubase 5. Will report later.

With best regards

Ps. I know that XP is old but so is my hardware. Especially the E-MU 1820m and the Emagic AMT-8. So please don’t tell me I have to upgrade my OS. I have 7 on my laptop I am aware of the all the advantages. But until now there was no reason to upgrade - it just worked.

Okay. On the Internt-XP it’s starting/running. This time the installer brought some Windows Media Components with him which he missed on the other install I think. I will further investigate.

Thanks - please keep us updated.

I intend to install for XP too, but just got home and found C6 in the mail. So maybe first this weekend… Too bad, I even have to work Saturday.

Anyway, I can remember from previous updates, that previous versions could interfere. You had to go and delete some ini-files or something and then hide the some folders from the previous version. Could it be something like this again. Or is it just that they don’t care about XP even though a lot of customers still use this? It will be about two months before I get a new DAW computer and switch to Win 7.

Minimum requirements for Cubase 6 IS Windows 7

Here´s a guy, his cubase 6 system on XP (!) runs very stable:

Wife went early to bed tonight. I couldn’t resist, so I went down in the basement and installed C6…

The install was awful as always with Steinberg products, but I finally got it to work locating the .msi file on the dvd and double clicked it. Activating was confusing too because I thought I had to do that online using my dongle number etc. Particularly because the install center took me there …

Anyway, after all that I got it working on XP. Used my last project with quite some tracks and heavy vst’s. And it worked fine around 50% in the vst meter, just like C5. Played with the project for about 30 minutes without a single crash.

I like the colors and the lanes. Haven’t been deeper into this yet. Just wish I could dock the mixer and shrink it like in Reaper.j

I am running an Intel Core 2 Quad system with 3GB memory. XP SP3. UAD, Powercore, Waves, Sonnox, Superior 2, Kontakt 4. Just to mention what’s in this project.

Okay, here comes the magic:
I just opened a Cubase-Project directly. The sample Project from the DVD to be concrete. Since this move everything seems to be fine. Before that I tried all the tricks with deleting Preferences and so on - which doesn’t helped. Now I transmitted my old settings to the new Cubase - et voila. Don’t ask me what that was.
First impression: new look is good but we all will discover some details we won’t like. Example: Now you don’t see the samplerate, bitdepth, and max. recordingtime in the project window left of the horizontal slider but your preset for the buttons of the tracks. I don’t change that preset ever so for me it’s a really unuseful thing. Especially because I am working sometimes with different samplerates and so I need to be aware of the actual one.

So have a nice evening

Had my first crashes in XP today. In fact the old project won’t even open again with a crash after some minor changes. Luckily I did save a C5 version before moving it to C6…

Anyway, I am a little disappointed in C6 by now. I had hoped that it had some audio quantize thing like Sonar. Got that impressions from their site. But not so. Audio quantizing is as clunky and hard to figure out as ever in Cubase. So this is probably the last time they get my upgrade money. I have used Reaper most for the last 4 months, and that’s the route I will go down.