[Solved] Cubase 8.0.20 Bug Report

Since 8.0.20:
-Render in place from “external Instruments” does not work anymore. The rendering in realtime starts but an empty audiotrack occurs.

-Audio-Mixdown export does not work anymore. A window with “harddrive overload” popps up. No problems with the same project unter 8.0.10

-Eventide Blackhole doesn´t remind “MIX” Value. I must reset it to the set level in every instance and at every reload of the project

Please help!

Solved by “install again” with full Version 8.0.0. Can anybody please send me the update file to 8.0.10 (Windows 8, 64bit)? Thanks!


I posted the links for both PC and Mac 8.0.10 patches here:

I’m moving this to the Issues -> Miscellaneous - thank you for the update.