[SOLVED] Cubase 8.5 Latency on old tracks/songs


When i pick up older songs if have far more latency on them when record new stuff, then i have when i make a new song with the same Settings and tracks and mixer and effect settings.

Does someone know if it’s possible and how to “clean” the old songs so i can record without the extra latency?



Are these projects all created in 8.5 or were they created in previous versions of Cubase?

No, they are created in older versions
Before december 2015,
I can’t remember having this issue with other/earlier updates i’m using cubase since version4.
Can i do something to remove the latency?

You probably have a limiter on en master bus. Does the latency go away when you click on constrain delay compensation?

Yes is does go away, But it also disables some plug-ins.
Thanks, the projects seem usable again for some simple extra recording again.
Still the project seems polluted with extra latency, what isn’t there when i make a new project using the same template with the effects and plug-ins as used for the old recordings

Well what it does is that it disables plugins with a longer latency.
Remember that simply clicking on the on/off in an insert slot only bypass the plugin, if the plugin has lets say 100ms of latency, and you click on the off button in an insert slot it still has 100ms latency. If you want to turn the plugin of and regain that 100ms latency you would have to press ALT and click the on/off button. Or open the plugin and from the plugins GUI click on the off button to turn it off.

I think you have a plugin somewhere that is bypassed and not turned off, a look ahead limiter would be my first guess as they can produce a lot of latency.

@peakee you where faster in your response then i was editing my post, i have a look in the ALT thingy

I was lying about my template, i had the Maximizer and UV22HR active on my master track, disabling them solves the problem.

Thanks for explaining the delay compensation and the ALT click.