[SOLVED]Cubase 8 and Kontakt pop up windows

Since updating the Cubase 8, I’m having constant trouble with pop up windows not showing unless I press Alt + Tab.

For example, if I close a kontakt instrument, and a pop-up window appears saying “do you want to save the instrument?” I don’t see it and the UI gets stuck. Then when I press Alt+tab the window appears and I can close it.

Any workaround on this very annoying problem? I’m using Win7 64bit version of Cubase pro 8. My GPU is Radeon 6970 Hd.

I managed to solve this myself. If you are having issues with your VST instruments and/or Kontakt where the pop-up windows get disappeared, right-click on the right corner of the plugin and disable “always on top”. That will fix this issue. Hopefully this issue gets fixed soon so that I can keep my plugins “always on top”.

+1 yes very annoying