[SOLVED]Cubase 8 artist not fully working with AKAI MAX49

I just bought an AKAI MAX49 and configured it with my cubase v7, 7.5 and 8 (windows 7 pro), from my initial testing looks like it works as described in AKAI documentation with Cubase 7.5 artist, but when I try the same project/tracks with 8, the mapping of Track Faders / S-switches don’t work or they partially work in last bank 25-32 and the track-fader to Cubase track is mapped backward, (e.g. Track 1 is mapped to Fader 8, and track 2 to fader 7) actually only 2 tracks / faders work.

Have the midi mapping changed between Cubase version 7 and 8?

I have logged a support request with AKAI’s folks, meanwhile I like to know if anyone else has similar issues?

Solved the problem by switching to Yamaha MX61 keyboard. :wink:

Thanks for letting us know. Any response from AKAI for the Max49 ?

And Why is this thread appearing as SOLVED? It is far from solved!