[SOLVED]Cubase 8 pro Grace period upgrade and license

I have been using Cubase 6.0 for the last few years and then I purchased an upgrade to Cubase 7.5.
Steinberg then informed me that I was entitled to a free upgrade to Cubase 8 Pro so I downloaded the software, It is very good!

The problem I have is that I want to give my son one of my older copies of Cubase and have been told I cant because I have only upgraded.
This is true for Cubase 6.0 to 7.5 but I was offered Cubase 8 pro for free by steinberg and now I have two useless boxed copies of Cubase and one Digital copy that I don’t even have the Discs for.

Surely I should be able to give my copy of Cubase 6 along with it’s original license to my son If I want to?


The license determines the market value of our products.
Now you have a single Cubase Pro 8 license, the installer discs and boxes are worth nothing without the license inside the USB-eLicenser.

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