Solved_ Cubase AI_ help

I purchased a Ur22 back in 2013, which I used till I upgraded to a UR44. I have recently found the access AI card which came with the ur22. I have been using cb artist 7. I now want to try the code because artist 7 crashes and runs terrible on win10 x64. The thing is when I tried to use the code it’s asking for the ur22 serial. Which I no longer have. I had to sale it to upgrade to ur44. I hope this code isn’t useless. Any help before I contact support.

Hi and welcome,

You should get Cubase AI with UR44 too, so you could use this Download Access Code. But as far as I know, the DAC is not directly linked with a model, so you can use the DAC you have even with UR44 Serial Number. Just try it. :wink:

Thanks for the reply. One thing I forgot to mention is I sold the ur44 about a year ago. I needed more in/out. The outs were just a copy of the monitor channels. I needed actual outs.


Sorry, back to your original post. Do you own Cubase AI or Artist? Cubase Artist license is stored on the USB-eLicenser. Once it’s activated the, you don’t need any coffee anymore.

If you want to activate Cubase AI (for the 1st time), you need any hardware SN.

I own Artist on my e-license. I was just going to try AI. I figured it out now. I got it to work, thanks for the help and info.