SOLVED: Cubase Artist 6: no sound when browsing the internet

Hi all,

I just updated my Cubase 5 essential to Cubase Artist 6, but have a little problem that’s quite frustrating.

When I start Cubase Artist 6 I hear everything that’s needed to be heared.
Everything works fine.

But, when i’m starting WinAmp to listen to a sample or go to YouTube to view a tutorial, there is no sound anymore.
When i close Cubase it starts working again.
I updated Cubase with the latest patch (6.0.4) and restarted my DAW, but still i have the same issue.
I didn’t have this problem with Cubase 5 Essential.

I’m using the following DAW specs:
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
Cubase Artist 6 64-bit
M-Audio Fast Track Ultra

I solved the problem.

When i go to Device --> Device Setup and choose VST Audio System, the wrong audio card was chosen.
I switched it to M-Audio USB 2.0 ASIO and now it all works!

100 times better this way :slight_smile:

I see you got it sorted. You can also do this by enabling ‘release driver in background’, which means cubase doesn’t use your soundcard when it’s not in focus.

Thanks for the tip!